Ski Out Bike - Downhill Skis, Snowboards, Bicycles, Protective Equipment & Gear for Winter Sports and Cycling

Founded in 2012, our store offers a wide variety of downhill skis, ski boots, snowboards, bicycles, skiing and cycling gear for adults, teenagers and children.
Our team of gear experts will help you choose and fit the right gear to hit the slopes or cycle, whether you are into mountain biking or community cycling.
Ski Out Bike maintenance workshop in our store provides a comprehensive selection of repair and maintenance services, premium-grade spare parts and accessories for skis, snowboards, bicycles and gear.
Our store is conveniently located in the vicinity of the city of Lahti, next to the highway 12.
Messilä, the largest and most popular ski resort in Southern Finland and biking trails of Messilä are located nearby.

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